[LMB] KC - Lily in action

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 10 13:30:27 BST 2019

So, we've seen Lily flatten (literally) a mud-man. She's seen a malice,
putting her ahead of three-quarters of the patrollers in Barr's camp.
She reacted fast, and had a very vigorous approach to the mud-man,
although I loved all the 'eek!' and 'ew!' as she hit.

And Barr watched her kill that creature and thought she was cute.

Barr is falling so hard and fast for his daughter, not romantically but
as a parent, a proud father, loving her courage and fierce intelligence
and determination. He's being hit by so many new worries all at once,
she's changed his view of the world. And finished off any lingering
traces of lout, because all his masculine reactions now are filtered
through 'what if someone did that to Lily'. She's not just his
responsibility any more, she's his focus.

Lily has gone off the whole Lakewalker idea, but she saw her first
malice, killed a mud-man, was blight-burned and then rode at speed
for forty miles. So she's not seeing the funny side of things right now.

She's gone through so much lately, she's doing well to hold together
at all.

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