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Bugbutter sauce with newts? From the people who brought us maple-bacon=green chili donuts and sriracha mayonnaise martinis?
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B. Ross Ashely, happy 73rd birthday! You are a guest of the Administrator on
Kline Station today, and are shown all the spendy touristy spots that nice
Ethan fellow somehow missed on his stay there. You are offered a float chair
for the tour, if you like. Hydroponics is pretty much the same as in the
book, and you have a sinking feeling about the newts, but are too polite to
say so. However, you are delightfully surprised at your birthday dinner that
evening--turns out that MVK Enterprises sold some recipes for bugbutter
sauce to go on the newts, which apparently improves them a lot, and that the
Administrator was extremely pleased at their new market. (no doubt newts are
the New Outworlder Delicacy in Vorbarr Sultana). But you do enjoy your
birthday dinner, complete with cake.

Happy Birthday!!!

Jean Lamb
tlambs1138 at charter.net

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