[LMB] OT: California drop bear - an invasive species?

alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca
Sun Aug 11 23:57:42 BST 2019

On Sun, 11 Aug 2019, Parish, James wrote:

> Sharon Micenko wrote:
> Not just plantations. When I was at UCSB (admittedly, forty-plus years
> ago) every walkway and bikeway was lined with eucalyptus. The little
> nuts they dropped were dangerous to pedestrians, bikers, and car hoods.

Ditto UC Berkeley, when I was there a number of years ago. Their droppings 
(bark & nuts) made sidewalks noticeably slippery.

Alayne McGregor
alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca

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