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Mon Aug 12 00:09:11 BST 2019

I also enjoyed _Dodger_ -- both as its own story, but also because it came 
nearer Pterry's sources in 18th/19th century English social history 
(which he also used in Discworld but disguised a bit more). And 
the historical referents definitely were cool.

I agree it could have been even better if he hadn't been ill, but it's 
definitely worth reading. Must reread it soon...


On Sun, 11 Aug 2019, Jean Lamb wrote:
> One of Pratchett's last books was DODGER, which says in the foreword was
> composed largely through speech to text software, with obviously some
> cleaning up after. Some of the Pterry's main themes shine through, simply
> clothed in somewhat different verbiage. It's a non-Discworld book, but it is
> more verbose, though very enjoyable as a book--just not the pure quill
> Pterry that we're used to. I see in it the shadow of the book it could have
> been--NIGHTWATCH, especially--but it's certainly well worth reading on its
> own. (I so enjoyed the hero's encounter with that nice Mr. Disraeli, being a
> Disraeli slut since college, but especially the hero's occasional venture
> into being Mr. Punch--I was somewhat reminded of the role Mr. Punch plays in
> the Peter Grant books by Aaronovitch as well).
> Not quite Pterry, but still a good read.

Alayne McGregor
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