[LMB] Criminals OT: (WAS:- Is Barr a rapist?)

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Yes. I have a very bad back and can't stand for more than a few minutes without pain and exhaustion. I carry a walking stick to the airport and whenever it's plain I will be standing in line. Others here will take their walkers, which they may not need as much for walking, but it's good for their balance and something to hang onto. And even occasionally sit on. And people do understand, immediately.
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> Gwynne: Last time I went to Europe was before my knee operation, so I
> took a walking stick. I didn't need it for support (they're pretty
> useless) but
> I have balance issues, so it was helpful for that.
> And it's a magic wand!  Walking sticks, I discovered, are fantastic!
> People get OUT OF YOUR WAY!!!

Oh, yes.  One pregnancy damaged my leg for the first trimester: not showing
a pregnant belly, but can't stand for more than a minute. So I got a cane.

Walking veeerrrrryyyyyyy slowwwwllllllyyy on the New York Subway stairs:
no cane, get cursed for slowness. yes cane, people grind their teeth. And

At the Long Line of Doom [tm], no cane, stand and wait. Yes cane, nicely
ask the person behind me if they will hold my place while I sit, because
waiting my turn is very OK, standing is very not OK, and they're fine with
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