[LMB] OT: Making a dress

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I am a Ye Olde Clothes geek and want a look, too. Though I think for the Hoggestowne Medieval Faire in January I'll simply wear my long full skirt and lightweight pirate shirt with a neat woven belt and belt pouch. Sandals, of course; the stores here* have a lovely selection of sandals everywhere, even some good for aged feet with no natural padding on the bottom any more. And a broad-brimmed straw hat.

Pat, now wearing mid-weight clothes because we're still in the season of stay indoors or die of the muggy heat.

*Oh, did I tell you? Gainesville, Florida. Quite unlike Albuquerque, where I lived until quite recently.
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> Oooh, if she’ll allow pictures, when they get back from War, could you ask
> permission if I can see? And what loom she used (I’m guessing something
> like Ashford, Glimakra, or Harrisville, but I’m more interested in
> dimensions and types)?
> I’m sure she had on a good linen shift or decorated linen underdress, and
> perhaps a more sumptuous underdress for the cotehardie in cold weather!
I am not a Ye Olde Clothes geek, but I also want these pix.

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