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Tue Aug 13 15:36:37 BST 2019

So, the big reveal. Had to happen sooner or later.

Barr is still wincing from the healer's comment that Lily is healthy
and intact.... and there's a whole world of problems that he's putting
on his parental nightmare list. He hadn't thought of that.

And Barr has to explain that, yes, Fid is her father, in all ways but one....
He manages to tell her that he's kept an eye on her all those years, that
he does care.

Lily has gone off the idea of being a Lakewalker - the malice was a bit
off-putting. And she was with Barr for days and he didn't tell her - she's
understandably cheesed off. AND she was starting to fall for him.

And that's a pitfall Barr didn't see coming. (It's amazing how often
Lotharios are actually dismally uninformed about how women think.)
It's a common romantic situation; young woman lost and alone, rescued
by a handsome young man (he looks young, to her), they face dangers,
win through.. .and fall in love. Aaaaahhhh. While Barr was having
huge mental agonies about being a father, Lily was starting to see him
in a totally different light.

Barr, at this point, has pretty much stuffed everything up totally. And he
hasn't even told his family yet.

It's not a comfortable conversation. Poor Lily has so much coming at
her, after a really nasty time with her (previous) family; she must be
totally going off the idea of relatives at this point.

Nice distraction at this point, Yina mentions Verel's stitches - 43 of them,
and I winced at the thought of it. They really need to invent anaesthetic.
At least it impresses Lily, as does Barr brushing it away; it didn't kill him,
so it's not that much really. Patrollers. (Seriously, it's a stark, tough mindset.
Or they're crazy. Or both.)

As Lily leaves she looks back at Barr, as he fumbles to remove his blood-
stained shirt. Yina takes a moment, too. Mmmmm.

Verel comments that he's never seen a malice, but his point is lost in an
interruption. He hasn't, but Lily has - so she's more or less been baptised
as a Lakewalker? She's tough? She's definitely Barr's child?

And Lily's crazed horse turns up in the middle of the night. It's the only
safe, familiar thing she has left. But there's no use having a horse to ride
when you have nowhere to go. That's so lonely.

Barr explains a bit about how she's beguiled her horse, and that some
patrollers - like him - can call their horse to them. She has that power,
a good patroller skill. She's not just good enough to be a patroller, she's
good enough to be a GOOD patroller.

She asks if Barr's a good patroller. He makes an interesting point: his
powers are stronger, but that's just inborn. Better is learned, and he'sk
still working on that. Lily seems to be a bit of a faster learner than Barr,
in many ways.

Barr also gets to the truth: Lily can't ignore her Lakewalker side, now that
her powers have come so strongly. She's too dangerous to herself and
others. She hasn't got a choice, she has to be trained to control them.

Lily assumes that all this explains why Bell hates her. Barr tries to
substitute fear. Lily - just her existence - could tear Bell's world apart.

And Lily hits the target again: the lies about Lily could destroy Bell's
world... and Barr's?  He tries to explain that she's come to him at the
right time in his life, that he thinks she's amazing and wonderful. Which
is true - and if only she knew how to read his ground, she'd know that.

Praise nearly breaks her, she's had to hold strong for so long.

One of the horse-girls turns up to retrieve Lily's horse, and she finds
a kindred spirit. Plus a glimpse of jobs that Lakewalker girls could do...

They they decide that he can't be Pa, that's Fid, so he'll just be Barr.
Which implies that Lily is going to stay.

And so to bed. At last.

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