[LMB] KC - Lily

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 13 15:50:06 BST 2019

That poor kid had a huge pile of misery dumped on her.

First, she's raised by a mother who isn't just cold, but who pretty
much encourages the other children to make her life a misery.

Then she's blamed for the fire, and Edjer's death - despite everyone
knowing that Lily works hard and is obedient (even Bell admits that),
while the whole district knows that Edjer is uncontrollable. But still
Bell leads the family in blaming Lily rather than Edjer, a massive

Lily is also dealing with so many strange perceptions and experiences,
all hitting at once.

So she leaves her home, tries to work in Glassforge but can't take it,
leaves there with no real plan at all, totally lost and alone.

Then rescued by a Lakewalker - someone she's been taught to fear
and hate. And he tells her she's a Lakewalker too - tearing her whole
world apart.

Then the malice, the sickness, and right on top of that the news that
Barr is her father. Which makes her realign and reinterpret her whole
life so far.

And he's telling her that she has no choice but to become a Lakewalker.

This is a MASSIVE load to drop on a kid. So much in such a short time,
she loses her home, her family and her identity. And the future she was

She's a tough kid to keep on going through it all.

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