[LMB] Persuasion / Beguilement distinct -- at least for horses

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Tue Aug 13 17:38:35 BST 2019

Gwynne: >>Barr explains a bit about how she's beguiled her horse, and that some
>patrollers - like him - can call their horse to them. She has that power,
>a good patroller skill. 

Coming back to the many times we see Dag communicating with the
generally unco-operative Copperhead. A ground-working to make a
horse understand, and comply, with the patroller's wishes does not
seem to leave a horse "beguiled" and mooning around after the rider.
Except, as with Lily, they're doing it wrong.  Or over-doing it. 
Or something. 

Now, when Crane compels the bandits to comply with instructions they
would not ordinarily obey, and regret later,  -- Dag says they 
ARE "beguiled to the eyeballs".  So, a very strong persuasion seems
to require the same level of ground-implants that a healing 
reinforcement needs.  A lot of ground going in, and no back wash
coming out.  It seems to me, though, if that's the case, the
strong long and repeated ground shaping persuasion is the point and
the beguilement is a sort of unintended side effect. 

So, let's look at persuasion.  In horses, it seems to be a sort of
communication.  Do this.  Treat Fawn like your own foal.  Don't let
strangers into the stall.  Stay nearby while I do my job.  No 
biting.   -- all communication, not really compulsion, or so it
seems to me.  The persuasion Dag worked on the reluctant clerk seemed
to be of the same sort.  What's the quickest way to get rid of
these nice kids and their tiny little problem?  Is strict 
enforcement of procedure really necessary?  Persuasive arguments,
sent via a non-verbal channel.  

All coming back to the question of Barr and Bluebell and rape. If
Barr is sending persuasive, even seductive, communications, it's 
fairly familiar.  Do you think I'm sexy? Don't you want my body?
Won't you smile and tell me so? Groundwork kind of like guitar
talents ...  

But, by Barr's own account, that's not what he did.  He implanted
a ground reinforcement into Bluebell's body (er, parts thereof.)
That seems to be the kind of thing that WOULD leave the her
beguiled.  On the other hand, (so to speak) it's not that different
from the thrill Dag offers Fawn using his "ghost hand".  Or any 
other technique one participant uses on a partner to increase the
bloodflow, stimulate the nerves, excite the sensations ...   And
the resulting beguilement wouldn't manifest in Bluebell any more
or any sooner than Hod's did for Dag.  If she came around begging
Barr for another dose, offering her body for his magic ... that's 
beguilement.  If it happened.  

It's a complicated and fraught situation and I'm utterly in sympathy
with patrol leaders who forbid the whole thing just so nobody has
to think about dealing with it. 

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