[LMB] What makes a character irredeemable?

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There are several different approaches to Satanism.  Some are
supernaturalistic, others, not.

If Kiri Morgan were still on the list, she could explain it better than I

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> wrote:
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> >Point of order, I know very little about Satanism, but I'm pretty sure
> >Satanists don't believe that Satan is evil; they think God is. A Christian
> >turning to the Devil for evil power is not Satanism, it is (in Christian
> terms)
> >witchcraft. (But also not the same thing Wiccans call witchcraft.)
> Well, sort of. The real issue is that many or most people talking
> about Satanism in the modern day, especially those identifying as
> Satanists, use terminology and imagery appropriated from Christian
> thought, but use them to mean things entirely different. It's a bit of
> a Humpty-Dumpty problem:
> "When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean—neither
> more nor less."
> So does Satanism mean... 1) knowingly consorting with the Evil One
> against one's own interests, 2) going over to Satan's side because you
> actually believe he's right and God is wrong, or 3) actually just
> being an atheist but in an especially edgy way? There's no right
> answer, because it means all of those things to different people.
> Luke
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