[LMB] Birthday Tixie

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Thu Aug 15 18:29:27 BST 2019

Today is the silver anniversary of The List! We gather together this time at
the castle of our gracious hostess, the Provincara who offered Cazaril a
haven in his time of need. Everyone finds themselves in appropriate garb,
and there are plenty of maids and valets to assist. For those with physical
problems, nobody bats an eye at the float chairs--they're assumed to be a
temporary miracle of the Mother for today's events. James is in the kitchen,
of course, and pleased at the spices available for his specialties (mmm,
curry!). Proper instruments are found for those who wish to sing, and soon
the voices of Pat Mathews, Gwynne, Aruqvan, Pouncer, Jerrie, and many others
are being raised in song. Micki is getting a tour of the gardens along with
others interested in them. Others include Eric, Matthew, Sylvia, the Wenrich
clan, Jim Parish, and many lurkers who normally stay quiet. Michael Bernardi
and his list administrators are having a nice time as well. Kevin's leg is
better today, along with others who have been ailing--the Lakewalker crowd
are a little surprised to be transported so far away from their home, but
don't mind doing a little groundwork for their supper. The Vorkosigan clan
is also there, while a tall Temple sorceror of the Bastard is having a great
time with Umegat. 

The air is balmy with occasional cool breezes, and everyone seems to enjoy
themselves. The Chancellor and his family are there as well, while the
Provincara loves having a mob, especially when she discovers her guests try
to leave things cleaner than they found them. Umegat, Penric, and Dowager
Royina Ista enjoy ridding the place of pests, so nobody gets bug bit. 

The various Birthday Tixies gather together and have a go at the punchbowl
laid out just for them. 

Everyone has a wonderful time (burp!) and there are fireworks at night.

Yay Happy Birthday for us all!

Jean Lamb
tlambs1138 at charter.net

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