[LMB] The ideal crime

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How to bankrupt a company.  This happened in the Northeastern US but I don’t think politics is involved.
A manufacturing company had a fire in its computer center which had to be rebuilt. They contracted out payroll, inventory, and all the other accounting functions. Then they fired all of their computer staff. This included all of the software people. Funny thing, when the computer center was rebuilt, all of the people who used to work for them had new jobs (for some reason they felt they needed income during that four months) and no one seemed to be falling over themselves to hire on. This was during a time when software people were in demand.

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>>> Which on-topic characters have broken laws?
>> Gwynne: I think Lady Alys is about the only character who HASN'T broken
>> any laws.
> Miles? accountant has not AFAWK.

Accountants have to be pretty scrupulous.  A big part of doing
financial stuff for someone like Miles is to try to find ways of
accomplishing what the boss wants without breaking any laws, so far
as that's possible... and telling the boss firmly that anything beyond
that *can't* be done without legal repercussions.  And refusing to be
a party to that.

I say this not as an accountant, but as someone who's been Treasurer
for several fannish organizations over the years.  And as someone who,
in retrospect, should perhaps have taken the hint when a former employer
appeared to have a pattern of firing all of their accounting people
every six months or so, and hiring new ones.  That company's president
has been "Monaco-based" for the past 15 years or so: insider trading,
fraud, lack of extradition treaties.

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