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Once at a Demicon, I was half-jingled on the very good beer in the
consuite, and started doing classical poetry in rap style.  A friend of
mine likes to tell about how she wandered in, and there I was doing Edgar
Allan Poe's "The Raven."  What struck her was not only that I was doing it
rap-style, but that I clearly had the whole poem so memorized that I could
do it even when lit up like a Christmas tree.  Another favorite for this is
the opening stanzas of "The Song of Hiawatha."

I dislike rap mainly because I'm not fond of "ghetto" culture in general.

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> Giggle giggle, yes. And I love the way their poetry is, by rhythm and
> instrumentation, pure rap. First time I heard a sample on CD in the
> classroom, I nearly cracked up.
> OTH, rap is the poetry of today's equivalent of the warrior who sat around
> the benches in the hall, n'est-ce pas?
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> Cool! Thanks! They forgot to mention the linguistic abomination "female
> werewolf." "were" means "male human being." (Which the professors who
> insisted that "man" was the human generic and therefore, "policeman,
> fireman, etc were not gender-specific, totally failed to even want to
> revive.) "wyf" was the female equivalent, unless she was a young girl. So -
> "wyfwulf" is what you'd call the alpha female in the pack.
> Pat, who can go the grammar freaks one better unless they've had Old
> English.
> Gwynne: And if you're studying Old English at university, it's a mistake
> to try to
> do some last-minute practice on the train on the way to uni. Especially if
> you
> are (quietly) reading it out loud. People look at you funny.
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