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How is it not s/f? Besides the fact that the plot is always pure police procedural. She has given a lot of thought to the world of 2060 and how it became that way. She predicted that the crisis era we're in right now would be internal, more like a civil war 21st century style, and there are still old buildings dating back to then. In the very first book she explained why real coffee was so expensive - massive destruction of the coffee growing regions' ecology - and so on and so on.

The only place she falls down s/f-wise is in her description of the off-planet facilities, which in the one visited by Roark and Eve, could just as easily have been a dirtside conference center. Not even a clue as to the safety regulations needed for a habitat, and Olympus Resort is decidedly a habitat. An earlier book described the building of it in, IIRC, low earth orbit. Not to mention in a later book, the prisoner who escaped from a maximum security prison on a distant rock -- and hit the ground running on earth as if the prison has been under full gravity. Not blasted likely!

But her economics and sociology are dead-on. Not to mention the anything-goes mores of times like the 1920s, the 1980s and 1990s, and similar periods. Right on the nose.
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> Gwynne: [...] And a long way down the track, vat meat will be the cheap
> stuff, while real-animal
> meat will be incredibly expensive, really high-status.
> 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 Nice! In all the years I’ve read about vat meat, I don’t
> think I’ve seen a science-fiction author address that aspect of it:
> high-quality vat meat, garbagey discount vat meat, richly delicious vat
> meat from exclusive brands, and so on. I think you’ve hit upon a category
> of new markets.
> Ron
Not exactly SF, but Nora Roberts / JD Robb writes "In Death" mysteries set
in ~2060.  There are soy dogs, which taste awful, and soy coffee, which is
awful, but the real deal is so expensive that people save up for special

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