[LMB] 20th century Lakewalkers

Jelbelser jelbelser at comcast.net
Sat Aug 17 01:12:01 BST 2019

So I’ve been listening to TSK as I exercise (I need something nice to survive the exercise I need to do to survive) and I got to thinking about Lakewalkers in a world with mid 20th century technology.

Patrolling on airplanes? Radio to dispatch a team with primed knives when the fliers sense a malice. Who maybe parachute in, or ride something motorized to the vicinity.

Would modern transport enable explorers to get across oceans and the western dead zone, or have the gods created barriers? Or is there nothing else?

How much medical practice is Lakewalker Healers and how much Farmer medical advances? Would hospitals and medical centers have both Lakewalkers and Farmer doctors and surgeons on staff?

What else?

Janet in TN

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