[LMB] Lois as a 'Heinleinian' writer

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Sat Aug 17 16:05:22 BST 2019

Hi, I am at Worldcon at present. A panellist referred to a recently released
biography of Robert Heinlein written by Farah Mendelsohn. I bought the book
and In the introduction she describes Lois as "Perhaps the most successful
'Heinleinian' writer". I have pasted the whole sentence below. 

"Perhaps the most successful 'Heinleinian' writer is Lois McMaster Bujold as
demonstrated in her Vorkosigan series; from the construction of her galaxy,
the absence of aliens, to a badly damaged hero, a fascination with both
diplomacy and engineering, a conviction that family is the most valuable
thing in the world and a fascination with reproduction and gender
performativity, Heinlein's legacy is evident." 

What do we all think of this? I seem to recall some mention of Heinlein in
one of Lois' essays, but unfortunately right now I don't have the time to
look this up and confirm or deny.


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