[LMB] Lois as a 'Heinleinian' writer

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Sat Aug 17 16:14:40 BST 2019

there is something to be said for this comparison

but did the panel see Heinlein as "good2 or as "deplorable"? if they 
compare her Ladyship to Heinlein, this is important to know



Am 17.08.2019 um 17:05 schrieb listmail at gordonj.net:
> Hi, I am at Worldcon at present. A panellist referred to a recently released
> biography of Robert Heinlein written by Farah Mendelsohn. I bought the book
> and In the introduction she describes Lois as "Perhaps the most successful
> 'Heinleinian' writer". I have pasted the whole sentence below.
> "Perhaps the most successful 'Heinleinian' writer is Lois McMaster Bujold as
> demonstrated in her Vorkosigan series; from the construction of her galaxy,
> the absence of aliens, to a badly damaged hero, a fascination with both
> diplomacy and engineering, a conviction that family is the most valuable
> thing in the world and a fascination with reproduction and gender
> performativity, Heinlein's legacy is evident."
> What do we all think of this? I seem to recall some mention of Heinlein in
> one of Lois' essays, but unfortunately right now I don't have the time to
> look this up and confirm or deny.
> Regards
> Gordon
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