[LMB] OT: All knowledge is contained on the List. Topic, Amazon typesetting

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Mon Aug 19 05:17:07 BST 2019

I have formatted the print version of two of my ebooks. I have come to
realize that I really, really hate this. I can put togther the covers
reasonably well (though I desperately need a new author photo), but
converting the Word document to a typeset, reasonably nice-looking PDF to be
uploaded to Amazon for the CreateSpace/KDP program is something that I don't
do that well. And I have money to trade for such services. I would provide a
fairly uncomplicated style guide, back matter, cover picture file, author
photo, and Word doc (either .doc or .docx), and receive a pdf file that
looks good and that I didn't have to scream at.  I have two more ebooks
remaining which need to be in my hands by late September at the latest (I
need them for an event in early October). And with luck, they will look
somewhat better than what I've been able to do. Payment half on order and
the second half on delivery. 

Please send me a private email with Typesetting in the subject

Jean Lamb
tlambs1138 at charter.net

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