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also making one type of meat look and taste like another was a well known game for medieval and rennaisance cooks



> Aruvqan <aruvqan at gmail.com mailto:aruvqan at gmail.com > hat am 18. August 2019 um 23:51 geschrieben:
>     On 8/15/2019 2:01 PM, Carol Botteron wrote:
>         > > More varieties of vat meat being developed, ranging from bacon to kangaroo.
> >         https://www.inverse.com/article/58515-lab-grown-meat-beyond-burgers-the-7-in-vitro-foods-coming-to-plates
> > 
> >     >     <shrug>  I have no problem with the idea at all - I would love to try
>     some of the exotics as long as the flavor is the same[texture would be a
>     bonus]
>     I have figured a way to make clone-surimi - if one takes into account
>     that it is reasonably easy [for certain values of easy] to clone 2 or 4
>     cell thick vat protein sheets, I can remember a brand of fake crab legs
>     that was a sheet of surimi rolled up and dyed pinkish red along one face
>     to mimic the look of a crab leg. If you clone the sheet of vat krab and
>     roll it,using 'meat glue' to secure it into the roll, you have
>     reasonably well emulated a crab leg, or shrimp, or if larger in diameter
>     or done in layers a lobster tail.
>     See, there is a class of foods in medieval cooking called a 'warner'
>     where you make something out of something totally different, I have seen
>     a filet of fish made of thin slices of cooked egg white stuck together
>     with more egg white and then poached - then breaded and fried like a
>     fish fillet. I have also seen a hard boiled egg made of white and yellow
>     died fish puree molded in blown egg shells =) So why not take advantage
>     of the textural differences of certain seafoods that don't have a land
>     based animal muscle and vein structure =) Rob also pointed out that one
>     might make a reasonable clam or oyster for deep frying by just pureeing
>     the vat sheets into a slurry - I can remember faux deep fried shrimps
>     made that way [as well as fish sticks molded from slurry then breaded
>     and fried]
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