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Mon Aug 19 09:50:44 BST 2019

On 19/08/2019 7:39 am, Aruvqan wrote:
> The major issue with the Dairy Industry trying to control labeling is 
> that almond squeezings have been called 'almond milk' for some 800 
> years or so that *I* am cognizant of [my hobby is historical cooking 
> so I have copies of some 40 or so 'cook books' ranging from Imperial 
> Rome through Elizabethan England,  from as far west as Iceland and as 
> far east as China.] When the Almond Milk industry can point to it as 
> being referred to as almond milk for centuries, I don't really forsee 
> a problem, prior art is a strong influence.
The problem was that the Soy Milk Producers, and the Almond Milk 
producers to a lesser extent, were packaging their product to make it as 
likely to be bought by mistake, as real milk. Goat milk was far easier 
to see was different, due to Soy/Almond being put in different fonts, of 
far smaller point, and a different and less contrasting color. They were 
also influencing Supermarkets to place them hard against the stocking 
point for "cow" milk. All of those things were held to be designed to 
mislead the buyer for profit, quite reasonably. The manufacturers still 
try to edge towards similar behaviors, which is why we have Court cases 
still. 20 years later.

In addition, that while lactose intolerance is quite common, both Almond 
(tree nut), and Soy (Soy) are major allergens with a higher likelihood 
of fatal outcomes. That had already cause several deaths, and numerous 

Your egg based subtleties would have a similar problem as a commercial 

> Milk is also used in the cosmetic industry- lait du corps, body milk 
> is a class of thin milklike or cream [as in moo juice, not ointment] 
> like liquid used topically. I am sure the cosmetics industry would be 
> more than happy to tell the dairy industry to pack sand =)
Unlikely to be bought and consumed by mistake.


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