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John Brunner? Flecker I know, and wish "The Golden Road to Samarkand" was in priont as a standalone, instead of being imbedded in a play.
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>I'm old, now. But back in MY day the education system rewarded us
>for memorizing narrative poems.  Robert W Service and Ruyard
>Kipling...   Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson are all very well but
>Longfellow and Coleridge and Noyes,  oh my!
>The wind was a torrent of darkness, upon the gusty trees,
>The moon was a ghostly galleon, tossing on cloudy seas,
>The road was a ribbon of silver across the purple moor,
>and the Highwayman came riding, riding, riding,
>The Highwayman came riding up, up to the old inn-door ...

The only poems I know by heart are by James Elroy Flecker and John
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