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On 8/19/2019 4:50 AM, I wrote:
> In addition, that while lactose intolerance is quite common, both 
> Almond (tree nut), and Soy (Soy) are major allergens with a higher 
> likelihood of fatal outcomes. That had already cause several deaths, 
> and numerous hospitalizations.
> Your egg based subtleties would have a similar problem as a commercial 
> product.
Due dilligence, read the freaking ingredients if you have allergies.

Sorry, I have one lifethreatening allergy and several lesser allergies 
[I can not consider projectile vomiting nor diarrhea immediately life 
threatening though I did get hospitalized for dehydration extreme enough 
my organs were going to shut down shortly ... but that was a 
chemo/radiation thing.] I read every freaking label, and even if the 
product has previously been consumable for me, they are putting 
palm/coconut/tropical crap in so much stuff lately I don't trust the 
product to remain the same between batches [I mean, come the frell on, 
palm oil in the freaking cheese for Totino's Pizza Rolls .... diety on a 
pogo stick.]

The only reason Rob would be able to sue a food manufacturer is ONLY if 
they do not print the ingredient label to properly reflect the change of 
an ingredient to one I am allergic to. As it is, I am almost totally off 
'convenience food' and eating in fast food places, especially on road 
trips. Nothing like eating lunch, 20 minutes later spending an hour in 
the toilet, 15 to 20 minutes of driving, an hour in the toilet, 15 - 20 
minutes of driving, an hour in the toilet for 5 or 6 hours ... it is 
almost to the only eating steak, baked potato, steamed veggies when out 
to dinner. We ate at the GOrdon Ramsey place in Las Vegas, they had 
mushrooms in one of the selections of rolls brought out to graze upon. 
THe only reason I knew something was funky with the food was the little 
black specks embedded in the rolls and I asked what they were... *sigh*

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