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Tue Aug 20 01:24:49 BST 2019

On 8/19/2019 2:49 PM, alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Aug 2019, Sylvia McIvers wrote:
>> Turkey-bacon also available, but again some people are too disgusted 
>> to eat
>> the fake if they don't eat the real think.
> Actually, turkey bacon is delicious - and there are certainly people who
> buy it because it's lower-fat rather than whether it's kosher or not.
I am fond of beef bacon, got it in the kosher market a few years back - 
can't remember the brand, but it was very tasty and much lower fat than 
normal bacon. Didn't do the crispy fat thing though [much like turkey 
bacon doesn't either =( ]

I found a recipe for making vegan 'bacon' out of strips of rice paper 
soaked in some sort of soy sauce/liquid smoke and baked until crispy 
that sounded interesting, but I would rather play at making 2 batches of 
seitan [gluten dough] flavored and colored, and layering them into 
'bacon strips'. I have a nice recipe for a stuffed roll of seitan to 
emulate a Thanksgiving turkey, I have been looking for a metal turkey 
mold [the kind that looks like a roast fowl, not a bird in plumage] to 
do the preliminary cooking step in so that when I do the soy glaze to 
brown and crisp the exterior it will be sort of roast turkey shaped =) 
Now I have to work on it to remove all alliums, my sister in law is some 
sort of vegetarian that avoids them for religious purposes [asfoetida is 
a garlicy substitute flavorant]


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