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> I always think of Anmar, our expert on caves and cave diving, when I set
> articles like this.
> https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/08/19/752248582/cave-diver-risks-all-to-explore-places-where-nobody-has-ever-been

 One aspect of her article I find particularly true: most cave divers I
know are very risk-averse. You don't last long in a field with such small
margin for error unless you are methodical and cautious.

People always assume that I enjoy adrenaline dumps, but I don't, I hate
them and avoid them whenever I can. In my world, adrenaline dump means
something has gone very wrong.*

Caving itself, when following the basic safety guidelines, is very safe.
The real danger comes from either ignoring or short circuiting those
guidelines, or the fact that when something does go wrong you can't easily
get help so you have to be wildly self-sufficient.

ObBujold: I think that younger Miles would make a terrible cave diver. Not
because he couldn't learn how to do it, but because his risk assessment
ability is wildly skewed as is his instinctive reactions.He's best with
people situations. Ivan, OTOH, would make a great cave diver as he's very

*I am not a cave diver, the limits of my cert are advanced open water and
rescue diver. I'm not allowed to go cave diving until I am 65 per an
agreement with my spice.

Anmar Mirza EMT, N9ISY, NCRC National Coordinator, RBNC President

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