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Tue Aug 20 14:56:25 BST 2019

Jamie Bell (photoshopped) for Miles.
Eccleston for Bothari.
Aral at 80 plus, Brian Cox. At 60 plus, the guy who played Gene Hunt in Life on Mars.  At 40 plus, the guy who played the land agent in Cranford.
David Hayman for either Piotr or Amor Klyuvi. Or Esterházy.
Helena Bonham Carter for the female who kidnapped Gregor.
Second Martin Short for mid age Illyan.
Jim Carter for Negri?
Imelda Staunton for Ma Kosti?

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> On 20 Aug 2019, at 20:15, Kevin Kennedy <kevink45 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I'll  keep my vote for BC as Dono, or maybe Ivan

Shouldn’t Dono be leaning on the prettier side, but with a goatee? Donna was supposedly quite beautiful? Cumberbatch doesn’t really look that pretty...

little Alex
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