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>You're right. When the Classical music station plays the themes from Star Wars and Star Trek, a line has been crossed. OTH, back in the 1940s, actual classical music was stolen for movie scores, radio adventure show themes, and even commercials.

I don't see what line has been crossed.. it's classical music, in that
it's orchestral music written for a standard orchestra, in the classical

John Williams et al have written some very complex music, and it's not
the worse for the composer still being alive.  My BestBeloved plays in
an orchestra, and some of the Williams pieces are fiendish to play.

Beethoven didn't write music for his own amusement or the furtherance of
art; he wrote for money.

>Come to think of it. Victory At Sea has also been played on the classical stations for some time now. Dying artforms? Or just crossovers?

Victory at Sea is classical.  As in, it's in the classical style.  And
written by someone safely dead.

>Most new classical music worth listening to comes in the form of movie
>soundtracks.  Also true for jazz, come to think of it.
>Matt "the ghosts of dying artforms" G.
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