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I took two of my granddaughters to see the remake of “The Lion King” last weekend. In general, I have been ambivalent about Disney’s live action remakes for reasons I won’t go into here. However, the photorealistic animation amazed me. I doubt they could have done it 5 years ago and certainly not 10. They’ve gotten to the point where the look of the actor is almost irrelevant. Funny thing, in earlier animation, the animators would often make the character look more like the voice actor. I. E. Jeremy Irons and Scar.

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> For mannerisms and edginess, the best actor would be Benedict
> Cumberbatch. Yes, he's way too tall, but so were all the Dwarves in The Hobbit,
> and LOTR. Just imagine that explosive passion, and keen intelligence, the way
> he plays Sherlock - that's pure Miles. And the tormented look, too.
> And knowing what height he SHOULD be would emphasise the tragedy of
> Miles's shortened stature. The more I think of it, the more l like that casting.

While I like the idea, it just occurred to me that the relatively simple perspective tricks, etc, used in LOTR won't really work for Miles.  He's not a miniaturized person, just short.  So his head would be normal sized, wouldn't it?  I'm sure movie magic could cope, but not trivially.


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