[LMB] Pronunciation of Lady Alys' name

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 21 17:17:20 BST 2019

Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Gwynne: Ohhhh the parents who think it's fun to give a child an odd
> spelling for their name. Jak will spend the rest of his life saying 'There's
> no 'c' in it.', Zakk will always have to spell the name out. Afrodity will
> have the same problem.

"Aphrodite" would have that problem too, for the vast majority of
people who might need to write her name down.  Alas.  And as a very
basic version of that problem, you've got "Anne-with-an-'e'".

I don't care for the weird novel spellings of names, but I'm fine with
*traditional* spellings that aren't commonly in modern usage.  "Alys"
is a fine example.  Which puts the blame squarely on my shoulders,
if it turns out that the "weird novel spelling" that I'm grumbling
about is a traditional one that I happen not to be familiar with.
And I want those damn kids off my lawn.


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