[LMB] Ceta plotbunnies

Damien Sullivan phoenix at mindstalk.net
Fri Aug 23 11:39:49 BST 2019

Not actually *plot* bunnies, more worldbuilding, but.

We're told the haut don't clone their servants.  It suggests someone
else, like the ghem, do.

We know haut ladies play with human genomes.  I suggest haut lords play
with human societies.  Whether a low level administrator ('mayor',
though not elected) or a planetary governor, or the emperor, tweaking
rules and incentive to get effects they want is their thing.  As
elegantly as possible, of course.

China's experimental "social credit system", an online reputation record
for everyone?  Probably a useful tool there.

Those cloned servants, are they slaves?  Of course not!  Slavery is
against interstellar law!  If someone is so ungrateful as to not want
the job they've been born and raised to do, they're free to leave...

...of course, finding another job, with a black mark on their public
record, may be difficult...

...and maybe the ghem-lord, not wanting a mis-matched set, will dismiss
all the other clones, so your refusal would lead to the unemployment of
your whole 'family'...

...but it's not *slavery*.  We're *civilized*, not *Jacksonians*.

Giaja refers to the servitor classes.  I imagine there's a whole lot of
them, like Alpha-Epsilon of Brave New World, or the azi of Cherryh's
books.  So haut, ghem, citizens (well, citizen-like subjects), and
various levels of azi born and raised in creches, conditioned to

What do haut ladies do?  They can't all work for the Star Creche,
designing haut and bioweapons.  I imagine most at least design the
genomes of their children, as a proposal, but the Star Creche has final
edit and approval.  I imagine many also provide genetic consultation
services to the ghem and commoners and azi-creches... through suitable
intermediaries, of course; some merchant wanting a better life for his
kids isn't ever going to be in the same room as a haut-lady bubble, or
even know for sure that a haut is the brains behind the operation.

As I've suggested before, I imagine that before the uterine replicator,
haut-ladies had to birth lots of babies themselves, (including all those
ba!) especially when design had drifted enough to make surrogacy via
baseline servants difficult.  Thus the apparently pointless gender roles
of current society, as well as their hard stance against not using a
replicator now.  "Never again".

-xx- Damien X-)

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