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On Aug 21, 2019, at 8:24 AM, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> From: "A. Marina Fournier”
> For me, it is not heights alone which scare me: it?s the *falling from* them that does. Parachuting and paragliding epitomize the situation in which I hope never to be. Unfortunately, I fall more often?tripping over something or due to vertigo or other loss of balance. I didn?t like it when I was young, but now it carries additional penalties.
> Gwynne: I'm not good with heights. Due to balance issues, I can't get past
> the first step on a stepladder without serious palpitations. (When I had to
> climb up on desks in the classroom to hang artwork, I did it - because I had
> to. But I'd be really shaky until I got one finger touching the string that I was
> hanging the artwork on. I just need that point to give me balance. I also loved
> my extension-gripper-stick-thingy, it's AWESOME for getting artwork up onto
> the strings.
> (Snip)
> But when I went up in a hot-air balloon, expecting to spend the whole flight
> with my eyes shut - it was AWESOME!  I was looking right down over the side
> of the basket and loving every moment, watching everything with no problems
> at all. I have no idea why the hot-air balloon was so wonderful, when normally
> heights make me freeze, or shake. Was it the silence? Or just the sense of
> one-ness with the air?

I can’t answer for the HAB, but please don’t make me ride in (below, as for a med flight) a helicopter again. Serious nausea.

The gripper stick is great for lightweight things that won’t break if they fall, especially on me. I’m short, so most kitchen cabinet shelving will have only two shelves—and on the higher one, only the front bits—I can read without assistance. Even with my little foot-bench? (not sure what to call it) to use, I’m only going to reach the frontmost items. Not going to use that gripper on that small a surface, but I’m also leery of my balance. 

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