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> My husband's last name is Tait. Spelled that way, it indicates Orkney or
> Shetland ancestry, which he has. In the U.S., though, where most with the
> name are Tate, it means that at doctor's offices and the like his name is
> actually "Tait T-A-I-T." Generally he has to spell it at least three times.

Ah, names. I didn’t take my husband’s name, as I’d still have to spell that out, nor did we hyphenate, because two long names needing spelling linked to each other? That way lies madness.

Take a Québécois to New Jersey: name is pronounced ‘fernier’ (we have more ferns, of course).

If he should go (with you, I hope) to the Orkneys, here are a few things I’d suggest, on Mainland
If geology, neolithic/Iron Age sites, folk music, Viking/Norse history, science/art/folk festivals, language change, birding, the sea mammal equivalent, Orkney is a great place to visit.

Mainland was called Pomona by a 16th c. poet,  and as an alumna of said college, I must be required to visit it! Och, twist ma airm!

So, on to the visit:
•find where the Wrigley sisters are gigging during your stay, and attend a concert

 Visit some or all:
•Ring of Brodgar
•Standing Stones of Stenness
•Skara Brae
•Maethness passage grave & other neolithic sites
•Iron-Age brochs
•the Italian Chapel on Lamb Holm a drop-dead-beautiful highly ornate Catholic chapel built by Italian POWs in WWII
•Tomb of the Eagles, a neolithic chamber tomb on South Ronaldsay


•Eat some lamb or mutton from North Ronaldsay (as previously mentioned by a listee), which has fed on seaweed.

Visit the Shetlands, too.

I love the sound of the lilting up/down accent, similar to Scandinavia, Iceland, as well as mid-continent US states bordering Canada, and the border areas of at least Manitoba and western Ontario provinces . . . where Scandinavians settled.

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