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Am 26.08.2019 um 13:48 schrieb Karen Hunt:
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> [a snippage has occurred]
>>> One thing that limited most pre-medieval science was the fact that they
>>> didn't have a numeration system that was much good for anything beyond
>>> simple arithmetic.  Imagine trying to do advanced math in Roman numerals
>>> sometime...or maybe not.  Down that path lies madness, decay and
>> summoning
>>> the Great Old Ones to eat everybody.  Until Arabic numerals came in,
>>> mathematics was necessarily limited.
>> practical / applied mathematics were limited ..
>> theoretical mathematics were doing fine with wonky numeral systems - look
>> what the greeks did with theirs .
> Indeed, I was considering stating this myself.
> But it's worth noting: they were heavily geometry-centered in their
> mathematics; I doubt they would have gotten much further along towards
> calculus than they did without the ability to manipulate algebraic formulas.
> They could do amazing things with their diagrams and reasoning, including
> some fascinating forays into number theory, but the lack of algebraic
> notation (partly a result of their yucky numeral system) hindered matters.

all true

but even then the greek had infinitesimals and got awfully close to 
integral calculus (archimede if memory serves9



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