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> And Mordor was such a bleak, barren totalitarian nightmare!  (Snip)  Middle Earth's major ecological disaster? Ugh.

Weeellll. In the 70s at least local members of the Mythopoeic Society in east LA county, where under the summer smog haze (especially in August and early September), where you couldn’t even see the local mountains 10 miles north, as Mordor. The haze was so bad that incoming students at the Claremont Colleges were quite startled when it cleared, usually in mid- to late September, because they hadn’t known they were there.

> And then OFA dismisses the hobbits, in commentary, as  "Regency yokels." Uh, duh, the Bagginses were country squires, folks. But yes, The Shire was very, very English.

OFA? I missed a reference.

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