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"OFA" is Stirling list-speak for "Our Favorite Author."  Kind of like we
refer to LMB as "Herself" sometimes.

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> >
> > And Mordor was such a bleak, barren totalitarian nightmare!  (Snip)
> Middle Earth's major ecological disaster? Ugh.
> Weeellll. In the 70s at least local members of the Mythopoeic Society in
> east LA county, where under the summer smog haze (especially in August and
> early September), where you couldn’t even see the local mountains 10 miles
> north, as Mordor. The haze was so bad that incoming students at the
> Claremont Colleges were quite startled when it cleared, usually in mid- to
> late September, because they hadn’t known they were there.
> > And then OFA dismisses the hobbits, in commentary, as  "Regency yokels."
> Uh, duh, the Bagginses were country squires, folks. But yes, The Shire was
> very, very English.
> OFA? I missed a reference.
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