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On 8/27/2019 2:00 AM, Sharon Micenko wrote:
> I’m probably about 10 years behind the original discussions, but thoroughly enjoying The Sharing Knife Vol 1. I don’t know why I resisted reading these series for so long. It was just because they weren’t Vorkosigan books, I suspect. Anyway, what I wanted to ask was, is Ogachi Chicago after the apocalypse? Or have I got my geography and reasoning entirely wrong?
> Please don’t all roll your eyes :) :) :)

Never any apology for discussing something - especially if it is a book 
you had not read before.

Offhand, I can not remember though we did discuss what the various towns 
and other locations were. It being the AU version of the Ohio River 
Valley and Mighty Mississippi, Ogachi as Chicago is a reasonable guess. 
I have the vague memory of it actually being like Cleveland or something 
like that.

I do hope you are enjoying the WGW books so far. While the Vorkosiverse 
[well, except for Falling Free - not one of my favorites, Memory was 
until my mum dipped heavily into Alzheimer's, but I think Captain 
VorPatril's Alliance is tied with A Civil Campaign for favorite] is my 
favorite world, WGW is really high on my list of ;comfort food reads' 
though Paladin of Souls is dear as well.

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