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> I’m probably about 10 years behind the original discussions, but
> thoroughly enjoying The Sharing Knife Vol 1. I don’t know why I resisted
> reading these series for so long. It was just because they weren’t
> Vorkosigan books, I suspect. Anyway, what I wanted to ask was, is Ogachi
> Chicago after the apocalypse? Or have I got my geography and reasoning
> entirely wrong?
> Please don’t all roll your eyes :) :) :)

You can gain a lot comparing the details with real-life Midwestern maps and
histories, but it's important to remember that just because the bones are
shaped like the US and the larger behaviors of people match the US Midwest,
that doesn't make this 1000 years from now in the real-life world.

Ogachi is located about where Chicago would have been (and its name is made
of the same letters - only missing a C). Locations of
iron/coal/copper/lantern oil etc roughly match where they've been found in
the US as well.

But magic is real, and the history is very different. Also, migration of
farmers is coming from the south instead of the east. Also, the Hardboil
River, roughly matching the Tennessee River, has been re-routed to empty
into the Mississippi River instead of the Ohio River (important for one of
the later stories).

Karen Hunt

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