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Sharon: Anyway, what I wanted to ask was, is Ogachi Chicago after the

John: Yes and no. I stand to be corrected, but Lois has said in interview
that it is an alternative world, not ours, so it isn't a future North
America but one that has geographically and technologically reached roughly
1800 in our timeline, following its own magical apocalypse way back when.

There is though clearly a relationship to N.Am. geography and topography.
The Grace and Gray are the Ohio and Mississippi, Ogachi clearly roughly
anagrammatises Chicago, and Tripoint is where Pittsburgh is in our world.
Late on a version of the Natchez Trace also matters.

So by all means correlate Lakewalkers with Amerindians ... but don't forget
that TSK is a long-pondered response to Tolkien, LR, and the sub-genre he
spawned, so correlate them with the Dunedain of Arnor also. It's even more
fun that way!

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