[LMB] Bad Blood

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 23:14:09 BST 2019

Richard Nixon was not taken down for committing crimes.  Lots of Presidents
have done things that were more dodgy.  Nixon was induced to resign to
avoid impeachment because he had made countless personal enemies in
Washington who were eager to harm him.  His actions were by no means
conscionable, but worse people have been given free passes.  His
relationships with others made the difference.

Elizabeth Holmes also made countless enemies, which is largely why she's
gotten so much bad press.  Of course, nothing succeeds like success - see
Microsoft and Facebook - but people who have done equally questionable
things tend not to get pulled into the limelight as she has.

Miles Vorkosigan has incredibly loyal partisans.  And even his enemies
respect him.  A very different sort of situation.

Matt "he doesn't do it alone" G.

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