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Wed Aug 28 01:24:48 BST 2019

Jean Lamb 
>I thought I'd pass along this article from the Angry 
>Staff officer about why engineering is important, even in a 
>swamp. Or perhaps especially in a swamp.

>  https://angrystaffofficer.com/2019/08/26/

This is a problem thousands of years old.  We were discussing 
the engineering prowess of the Romans, but the Carthaginians 
(sp?) were on par.  There is a tale of a siege in that war, 
similar, I think, to Cazaril's defense of Gorgotet (also, sp?). 
In any case a pass through the Alps was fortified -- the 
Romans in the role of Chalionese and the army of Carthage 
playing the part of Roknari. The only way for the massively superior 
armies of Carthage to move through the narrow gorge was for 
Hannibel's combat engineering team to invent, on the spot, a new 
sort of battering ram. They wound up yoking two trained 
elephants together, inside a large wooden crate or box. The box 
served both as armor and a carrying rack for weapons and troops. 
Between the great war beasts,  the ram swung from a beam, like a 
heavy pendulum.  The two elephants were trained to pull 
together, pulling it back, then releasing it on cue.  Whenever 
the signal bell sounded, the ram swung forward, and the 
elephants charged. Over and over, "CLANG" "RAM" "CRUSH"
Again.  CLANG... No gate, nor walls, could withstand 
the assault. The defense fell, and the army passed through the 
This is now referenced, of course, as the Ram and Bell Rack 
from the Gorge Attack, and the Elephant Engineers. 

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