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> From: alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca
> It's interesting how different our reactions can be to Lois' 
> different
> series -- and the reasons why.
> For example, Lois has said that some people bounced off the romance 
> in
> TSK, whereas I quite enjoyed that aspect of the books.
> (snip)
> But YMMV. Are there aspects of this series or other of Lois' series
> that work for you or don't?
Good timing! You posted this just as I was catching up on a backlog of 
digests and remembering how I bounced off TSK *so* hard.

I haven't had much time to post in the last few years; I mostly lurk 
nowadays. But I've read all the comments and discussion, and I always 
marvel at the depth of meaning and nuance and connections that other 
people can see in TSK. 

The sense of landscape was powerful and effective–such a contrast to 
the stereotypical pseudo-Northern European fantasy world. But I never 
loved the characters or got caught up in the plot. In the Vorkosigan 
and 5 Gods stories there's always some beautifully crafted phrase or 
idea that has moved me. I've read Ista's conversation with the Father 
in PoS probably more than 20 times, and it still makes me tear up. Even 
The Spirit Ring ended up seizing my imagination eventually. But only 
twice in the whole 4-book TSK series did I feel any emotional 
involvement, and that was just two individual scenes. Romance per se is 
fine–I'm generally happy with the way Lois entwines it with character 
development and plot. I just couldn't get invested in Fawn or Dag or 
their world.

It could be that a re-read would make me like it better–that worked for 
The Spirit Ring. But I've already gone through the series twice: once 
when it came out and once for the initial discussion, and the thought 
of reading it a third time feels like an unpleasant task I'd have to 
force myself to do.

In fact, if there's someone on the list who couldn't afford the books 
and wants them, please contact me off list and I will send you the 
first four in hardback. I'd rather give them away than have them taking 
up room on my shelves, unloved. 


(sorry if this appears twice, I had some kind of error on the first 

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