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maybe its me not being a native speaker - but i do not get the pun . please explain


> pouncer at aol.com hat am 28. August 2019 um 02:24 geschrieben:
> Jean Lamb
> >I thought I'd pass along this article from the Angry
> >Staff officer about why engineering is important, even in a
> >swamp. Or perhaps especially in a swamp.
> >  https://angrystaffofficer.com/2019/08/26/
> getting-the-elephant-in-the-room-to-the-front-lines-
> engineer-sustainment-at-jrtc/
> This is a problem thousands of years old.  We were discussing
> the engineering prowess of the Romans, but the Carthaginians
> (sp?) were on par.  There is a tale of a siege in that war,
> similar, I think, to Cazaril's defense of Gorgotet (also, sp?).
> In any case a pass through the Alps was fortified -- the
> Romans in the role of Chalionese and the army of Carthage
> playing the part of Roknari. The only way for the massively superior
> armies of Carthage to move through the narrow gorge was for
> Hannibel's combat engineering team to invent, on the spot, a new
> sort of battering ram. They wound up yoking two trained
> elephants together, inside a large wooden crate or box. The box
> served both as armor and a carrying rack for weapons and troops.
> Between the great war beasts,  the ram swung from a beam, like a
> heavy pendulum.  The two elephants were trained to pull
> together, pulling it back, then releasing it on cue.  Whenever
> the signal bell sounded, the ram swung forward, and the
> elephants charged. Over and over, "CLANG" "RAM" "CRUSH"
> Again.  CLANG... No gate, nor walls, could withstand
> the assault. The defense fell, and the army passed through the
> gorge.
> This is now referenced, of course, as the Ram and Bell Rack
> from the Gorge Attack, and the Elephant Engineers.
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