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On behalf of the birthday boy, I thank you. He had to forego his long-promised trip to a games arcade in Orlando for his birthday, his mom having no desire to drive in the face on the storm, but will have his family dinner tonight. Loving Grandma Pat has chosen, besides the one gift that delights the heart of any youngster, to let him borrow any book in my bookcases (trembles a bit at the falling-apart paperbacks, but c'est la vie.)

Hurricane Dorian is being very unpredictable, but I'm no longer worried. All stocked up on supplies, the building I live in has survived every hurricane since it was built (there IS something to be said for all-concrete), and the predictions are all over the lot. So far, sunny and warm, with a bit of a breeze. We're talking a classically-defined adventure: what looks like a lot of trouble at the time.
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Caden Mathews, Happy 12th birthday! Your treat today is to work (mainly
being gofer) for Ikos Roda, bridge designer/builder and general big gadget
maker. This is way different than desgning things on a computer, and it's
really neat to see the handwritten weight tables and to help test newly
delivered materials to make sure they will meet the standards that your
temporary boss expects. There are frequent breaks for food and water, and
the stories the workmen tell are an education in themselves. And then you
get to ride in back of the contraption Roda made to rescue his mother (and
you get to hear how green the Learned Penric went when he rode in it). The
day ends with a big birthday feast.

Happy Birthday!!!

Jean Lamb
tlambs1138 at charter.net

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