[LMB] The December Birthday Tixie for December 2

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 2 04:46:26 GMT 2019

Welcome to the December birthdays! Today, your Tixie of the month has 
arranged a sort of secret Santa/White Elephant Winterfair Gift for those 
celebrating their birthdays. Participants from three universes sent in 
unusual, slightly used oddities, and your Tixie will pass them out randomly. 


First, let us wish Marna Nightingale the best returns of the day! May your day 
be happy and exactly what you wanted. You get a deactivated radbug! 
Enrique made sure the radiation level is no higher than that of the background 
radiation of Cornwall. The poor little thing will eat melon, apples and birthday cake. 

Speaking of which, we have birthday cake and an assortment of hot and cold 
soothing beverages in the salon, so let us adjourn there to enjoy the party! 

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