[LMB] Birthday Tixie for October 4

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Oh, Tixie... a menu of Plunkins and Newts for the poor tourists is right up there with stewed okra and unflavored grits for the tourists here. (Hint: treat grits as savory, not as cereal). Now add unflavored bug butter and Cordelia's all-vat-everything-protein .... is that real Barbecue I smell over where the Sergyarans' picnic is? Throw another shrimp on the barbie, mates, and save me a beer!

Pat, who being mildly homesick, gave the dining hall manager a recipe for breakfast burritos in authentic New Mexican style. It made him hungry.
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I very stupidly looked at the 2018 birthday list, where I was up for
December (and that's a whole 'nother story), and posted
birthdays before your Real Tixie, Marc. But he's graciously
allowed me to continue this month with the White Elephant
Winterfair Gift exchange for this month's birthdays. Thanks,

So, your Ersatz Tixie has brought many warm birthday wishes
for Jennifer Woodruff today. And, there's a string of plunkins,
which have found their circuitous way down the river, up the
river, and across the universes to the Dendarii Mailing List
Salon and Grill. They come with a stack of recipe cards,
all written in different hands from all over the Wide Green

Enjoy! We'll be having birthday cake and the usual
assortment of comforting beverages in the Salon.

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