[LMB] OT: Why, oh why do woman mystery story writers seem to be obsessed with clothes???

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 02:31:19 GMT 2019

On 12/3/2019 4:34 AM, Baur wrote:
> there is also this hilarious short story
> https://www.amazon.com/Time-Travellers-Seamstress-Natasja-Rose-ebook/dp/B07P8TY2PL 
> "how about KimoNO?!" 

Oh I LOVE that!!!! You should hear me discussing proper dress and 
accessories when someone wants to 'play' Elizabethan tavern wench ... it 
ranges from dressing like a full on noblewoman at court to some 
funtastic fantasy tit display bodice-y trailer trash costuming that an 
actual whore would be ashamed to be seen in [and realistically either 
end of costuming would have gotten them arrested in the real world]

I have issues with something like Dr Who when the female wanders around 
earth of the past dressed like a chav, or in whatever modern clothing. 
Hells bells, I would *NEVER* go to somewhere in the middle east and wear 
a short skirt, tank top and be smartassed to the locals, that would get 
me tossed in jail, and probably at least beaten throroughly if not 
maimed or stoned [and perhaps raped first, or during the time in jail 
waiting for trial]

I have to admit, I love being a grrl gamer. I have been playing MMORPGs 
since 1999, and I play oddly. I have a very go-to-hell masculine style, 
I play stuff like in Everquest a 'combat cleric' - I pretty much soloed 
50 levels except for the needed groups for the kills for my epic 
watersprinkler. CLerics are support players, we only heal and buff =) In 
Lord of the Rings Online, a combat LoreMaster, again, I have soloed 
pretty much all the way to 109 on one of my characters, and another has 
hit 120 - but that one duos with my husband's Hunter character [an 
excellent combination when played right, I use the bear to offtank, and 
Rob and I do various forms of distance damage, though I am quite 
excellent at duel weilding staff and sword =) ] I have startled people 
when I talk on something like TeamSpeak =)

*however* I still get harassed for being female and not putting up with 
male players harassing me for online dirty talk *sigh*

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