[LMB] LISTBIZ: OT: Yahoo ending support of "Groups"

pouncer at aol.com pouncer at aol.com
Mon Dec 9 21:11:42 GMT 2019

Rescue your art, fic, data, archives ... 
Yahoo is following the example of GeoCities, Google / UseNet, and others in shutting down the "Groups"  service.  If you ever posted and haveand fond memories of, say, _Lois and Clark_ fanfic from the 1990s ordiscussion about Windows Vista or user tips and tricks on a Palm Pilot;well, your efforts and contributions are going away.   You have 5 days...
I'd like to take the occasion to ask our service host, Mel Harper, to identifya PayPal or similar link where we can chip in and show a little appreciation for the archives of this on-going discussion.  Whenthe literature students of future generations consider the receptionthe Grand Master's works got from Her contemporaries,  THIS isthe resource.  It IS valuable. 
Merry Christmas.  We enjoy the season of giving, after all.  

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