[LMB] OT: Racial disparities in policing

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 13:39:00 GMT 2019

On 12/9/2019 7:17 PM, Matthew George wrote:
> I am reminded of the infamous case where female professional musicians were
> complaining that they were discriminated against by orchestras, whose
> positions are highly competitive and avidly pursued.  A carefully
> double-blinded test showed that orchestra managers were mildly prejudiced
> against women - but that women were significantly lower-performing, which
> accounted for the majority of the disparate hiring.

Personal datum here - I played clarinet throughout high school, in 
addition to chorale. Instrument coaches concentrate on the guys. WHen I 
was in my 3d year, I stopped being in the orchestra, and my prof paid 
actual attention to me, not just a quick listen through and 15 minute 
work on a new technique then sent off to a practice room by my self ... 
when I went back to orchestra the next semester, back to run through, 15 
minutes and off to practice. I missed the half an hour/45 minutes of 
actual attention and discussion. Voice on the other hand, the females 
[sopranos actually] were the focus because bluntly most performance 
stuff uses sopranos as the main 'instrument' and everybody else mostly 
supports [Frostiana, I am looking at you with HATRED in my eyes]

SO I am not at all surprised that female players are less practiced and 
less skilled as the male counterparts, the guys get the quality 
attention in a scholastic situation. My buddy Marc, who degreed in 
composition and conducting agrees, the guys in his class got the focus, 
the females were there to keep the feminazis from whining and 
protesting. And yes, I know feminazi is derogatory, but those were the 
words of most of the guys in the music program. Women were encouraged to 
go into voice, or go into the educational aspect so they could go and 
teach in school, and *occasionally* assist "proper" capelmeisters ...

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