[LMB] OT: Racial disparities in policing

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Some of the media is more honest than other. I personally trust _The New 
York Times_ to separate fact from viewpoint and to point out their 
stance. Your mileage may vary. _The Times_ IS extremely liberal, but it 
does try to honestly report all the news. I also subscribe to and read 
_The Wall Street Journal_  which is fairly  conservative and _The New 
York Daily News_ which can be all over the spectrum.


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>One thing that frustrates me and infuriates me is the way that many
>foreigners apparently feel that *anything* the US news media says is gospel
>hot from Sinai.   I have been at many events reported in the news, and the
>news reports often did not resemble what I saw and experienced at all.
>The US news media *cannot be trusted* on any subject where its personnel
>have a huge personal emotional investment.  They will distort stories,
>suppress relevant facts, downplay or play up stories according to their
>biases, and do their utmost to manipulate their readers into accepting
>their worldview.
>I could easily go on, but this isn't really relevant to this group.
>On Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 10:36 AM Tidsel <tidsel at protonmail.com> wrote:
>>  >
>>  > Personal datum here
>>  >
>>  > SO I am not at all surprised that female players are less practiced and
>>  > less skilled as the male counterparts, the guys get the quality
>>  > attention in a scholastic situation. My buddy Marc, who degreed in
>>  > composition and conducting agrees, the guys in his class got the focus,
>>  > the females were there to keep the feminazis from whining and
>>  > protesting. And yes, I know feminazi is derogatory, but those were the
>>  > words of most of the guys in the music program. Women were encouraged to
>>  > go into voice, or go into the educational aspect so they could go and
>>  > teach in school, and occasionally assist "proper" capelmeisters ...
>>  >
>>  So it is true there too..damn!
>>  --

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