[LMB] OT: Racial disparities in policing

WalterStuartBushell proto at panix.com
Tue Dec 10 23:08:43 GMT 2019

> On Dec 10, 2019, at 4:16 AM, Matija Grabnar <matija at serverflow.si> wrote:
> On 12/10/19 1:17 AM, Matthew George wrote:
>> I am reminded of the infamous case where female professional musicians were
>> complaining that they were discriminated against by orchestras, whose
>> positions are highly competitive and avidly pursued.  A carefully
>> double-blinded test showed that orchestra managers were mildly prejudiced
>> against women - but that women were significantly lower-performing, which
>> accounted for the majority of the disparate hiring.
> What you wrote there didn't match what I remembered of the effect of anonymous auditions, so I looked it up:
> http://gap.hks.harvard.edu/orchestrating-impartiality-impact-%E2%80%9Cblind%E2%80%9D-auditions-female-musicians
> It turns out that the blind auditions significantly helped get women hired, i.e. their not being hired was the result of orchestra managers (unconcious?) bias, and NOT the result of female musicians underperforming.

To the point where they asked the contestants to come in barefoot or stockings, because apparently the judges could tell by the
the sound the gender of the contestants. The judges may not have consciously been aware of how that was affecting
their judgement.

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