[LMB] PIZZA for OT: Racial disparities in policing

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I don't know about Reptoids stealing our water, but does Nestle Corporation fit that description? There is a spring in Alachua County they intend to use for water to bottle and sell all over the country. By Florida law, the water is free. (A shocking concept, pure folly, to anyone form west of the 10" a year or less line.) They say they'll only "take an inch" off the aquifer we all depend on. The spring is already showing signs of being endangered.

Nestle argues there is a great need for their bottled water, as proven by the size of the market for it.

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Demonstrate that there is either heated language or a significant risk of
imminent heated language.  Or stop calling for pizza.

Do it NOW, or I will permanently disregard any future calls for pizza you
make.  This is your very last warning.
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